8 Things To Know If You’re Starting A Food Business In 2020

Are you planning to turn your culinary hobby into a money-making business or start an online food business commercially? I’ve put together some tips to set you up for an incredible start.

🚀 Start Small

✅ Learn The Best Practices

🍱 Menu Selection

How much time do you need for preparation?

Are the ingredients and their substitutes widely available? Can you get the best price for them?

Is it going to travel well?

🥡 Packaging

Here are the key things to look for when buying packaging: Sealing, Materials, Durability, and Availability.

Buy Off The Shelf Standard Packaging To Cut Upfront Costs

💸 Know Your Unit Economics

Calculating Cost Of Ingredients

👂🏻Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

Here are a few scenarios where customer feedback will help you grow and ensure quality.

📸 Use High-Resolution Pictures

📊 Know Your Growth Metrics

For now, here’s a list of the metrics that you should be tracking.



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